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CADVantage offers a team of skilled designers experienced in both commercial and military applications, including Analog/Digital, High speed, RF, Backplane, Flex, and Rigid-Flex boards.

The CADVantage design team works to meet your designs requirements. Our goal is to offer support at any point in the design process. We can start at the very beginning and capture your schematic creating all of the schematic symbols required. We emphasize adding the DR’s (design rules) in the schematic to help facilitate placement and routing later in the design process. We can start with your completed schematic and build all of the geometries required to package the job and start the layout process. If the DR’s have not been added in the front end, we will then add them while in layout that can be back annotated to the schematic when the design is complete. At the completion of the design, DR’s are audited, and reports supplied to the customer to ensure that all of the requirements have been met.

Examples of commonly applied Design Rules:

Trace Width
Layer Restrictions
Test Requirement
Via Restrictions

Impedance control
Differential Pairs (widths and gap)
Topology (Net Ordering)
Net length (delay)
Group length matching

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