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Job Control Methodology

CADVantage applies a 9-step job control methodology to every job. It is geared towards establishing design requirements and creating the rules and processes to achieve them. Adherence to the requirements is accomplished by customer review and approval at key milestones. A detailed log is created for each job which chronicles relevant information.
  1. Request job requirements (design requirements or statement of work)
  2. Clarify exact requirements with customer
  3. Set up rules to meet requirements
  4. Have customer review and approve rules for each design
  5. Set up a design specific process to meet requirements
  6. Use sign-off sheet to track design and receive customer approval at key milestones
  7. Maintain a job log to track design
  8. Do not accept verbal changes. Request fax or email confirmation.
  9. Layout Request form is to be kept with job
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